Bachelor of Pharmacy

The Bachelor of Pharmacy degree is popularly known as B. Pharm. This is an undergraduate degree course in the field of Pharmacy.

It is a four-year program with eight semesters. To be eligible, one must pass with at least 50% marks in 10+2 (or an equivalent examination) with biology or biotechnology as one of the subjects.

B.Pharm is one of the most preferred and opted job-oriented degrees among health care students, after class 12th. This course provides a large no. of job opportunities in both the public and private sector.


The Healthcare Industry is never off demand! COVID-19 has led many industries to shut down. But some sectors stood out by performing 10x times better even during this situation. The pharmaceutical industry is one of those few sectors. The global pandemic has brought lots of dynamic changes in the pharmaceutical industry, creating tremendous scope for Pharmacy degree holders. 

With the immense growth in the pharma industry, the need for pharmacists is also increasing. Therefore, pursuing B. Pharmacy is definitely worth your time and money.



Constant Growth in Knowledge

The pharmacy sector is constantly evolving. Emerging infections and viruses demand advanced treatment and medications, leading to the need for constant development and research in this industry. So, if you have a Pharmacy degree, you’ll get exposure to lots of knowledge about all the latest products in pharma.

 High Scope & Rewarding Career

Once you complete the B. Pharm degree. Graduates can always explore various career avenues. The best option is opting for a higher education degree like a PhD or M. Pharm. The second option we have is a job. Graduates can apply for jobs in healthcare or pharma related areas like chemical companies, laboratories, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, colleges and universities. You are free to choose the career option according to your inclinations. 

Rising Demand for Pharmacy Professionals

We are all aware that the Pharmacy industry is a fast-evolving industry. Lots of developments and research are improving and creating medical treatments every day. The use of technology, Artificial Intelligence, has helped this Pharma industry expand its growth so much in such a short time. 

With increased specialization in medications and personalized healthcare, the growth potential has also expanded. Furthermore, with ever-emerging infections and viruses grappling humanity, Pharmacy graduates’ demand rises constantly. All this proves that if you pursue B. Pharm, you’ll have many opportunities to make your career a huge success.

Career Stability

Decent salaries, excellent increment opportunities, and assured jobs are some primary facets of having a career in pharmacy. One of the reasons you should pursue B Pharmacy is that this field offers assured career stability. Every individual on this planet is looking for stability in life. With the ever-growing population and evolution of diseases, the demand for pharmacy professionals is increasing immensely. This demand ensures that job opportunities will keep on growing, leading to a more stable career.

A Service to Humanity – Social involvement 

Do you know any profession that offers career stability and lots of respect? It’s the pharmacy. Pharmacy is among the few noble jobs where you receive consideration for what you do and a good salary and career stability. When we talk about pharmacy, It’s a powerful and crucial pillar of the healthcare industry. So, as a pharmacy professional, you impact a patient’s life in various ways. 

Quality of Education

Pharmacy careers are linked directly with human health, and hence the quality of learning and education provided to B. Pharm students are of paramount importance. Pharmaceutical professionals are responsible for impacting the living standards of a society. Due to such responsibilities, it’s a prerequisite to provide the highest quality education to pharmacy graduates. Students pursuing B. Pharm get high-quality training, which turns them into ethical, adept and skilled pharmacy professionals.

Career Opportunities

Pharma IT Jobs

  1. Pharmacovigilance manager
  2. Drug Safety Associate
  3. Clinical Research Associate
  4. Clinical Data Manager
  5. Pharma Data Scientist
  6. Data Analyst
  7. Medical Safety Lead
  8. Medical Writer
  9. Medical Reviewer

Pharmaceutical Industries

  1. Production
  2. Quality control
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Research and product development
  5. Production supervisor
  6. Manufacturing engineer
  7. Regulatory affairs specialist
  8. QA Documentation specialist
  9. Quality control analyst

Research & Development (R&D)

  1. Product development scientist
  2. Research scientist
  3. Principal scientist
  4. Clinical research scientist
  5. Data Scientist
  6. Analytical R&D Scientist
  7. Formulation R&D Scientist


  1. Medical representative
  2. Marketing executive
  3. Medical science liaison
  4. Sales manager
  5. Area Manager
  6. Regional Manager