Computer Lab

MIPER College believes in the use of information technology in all the spheres of its activities in line with current trends. To facilitate this, the computer labs are equipped with the latest processor PCs, and software & a state-of-art Local Area Network (LAN), providing multi-user environment on Windows platform to meet both present and future needs. The Institute provides the computer lab facilities. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled to help students access the Internet on a 24×7 basis. The students are connected to the Internet through a high-speed broadband connection that allows for seamless and uninterrupted connectivity to the World Wide Web. Internet and Intranet enable on-line interactions between faculty and students.

Students at MIPER learning & training in various types of services by the Computer Lab, ranging from basic training and familiarization with computer concepts and practices such as MS Office, Resume writing, professional networking, literature review etc.